Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Pychedelic Stamping with Pueen Encore


Previously on last week's episode of CANVAS lacquer (here).

So here's the look post-stamp.

This was my first go around with the new Pueen Encore plates I recently bought. These images are from plate 01B. I am LOVING this collection. At first I was having a bit of trouble with my new squishy stamper, but I think it needed some priming. So after gently buffing it a bit I tried again and had better luck. They're not perfectly centered, but for this look I don't mind they're a little off, it adds to the psychedelic look. The thumb image reminds me of a mandala.

I think the pairing of the circle gradient and the radial nature of these images really work well together, I am so happy with the way this turned out!

As a stand alone this nail reminds me of classic comic book style for some reason. Am I crazy?


Thursday, 24 July 2014

Sun Gradient Pre-Stamp


So you know how I'm always forgetting to photograph my bases before I do additional art?
Well I was so happy with today's gradient pre-stamp that it's getting it's own post (and day of public wear) before I add art!

So I've done plenty of linear gradients, pie gradients, and now this is my first circle gradient. I didn't intend it to look so solar, but here we are.
I used Misa A Sunny Smile Makes Me Go Wild (yellow), Quo by Orly Femme Fatale (pink) and Nails Inc Baker Street (blue), all on top of a base of two coats of OPI My Vampire Is Buff. Had I done 3 coats I probably wouldn't have revealed that ridge on my ring finger. Oh well!

Now the big decision is what will happen next... Tune in for the finale!


MoYou Sailor 08


*happy dance* I have been coveting MoYou London plates for what seems like forever (but more like a year). When I heard they started offering free shipping to Canada I just HAD to treat myself.

I bought 6 plates, and this is my first mani. I also bought the squishy rectangular stamper and so far so good! I do find the image transferring has worked really well, but since I haven't done a whole nail design yet I haven't decided if this shape helps me align the image better, or if it reduces warping. My only complaint is that MoYou forgot to include a scraper, so I don't know if that would have been any better or not since it's plastic, and my Konad is metal.


Too often I forget to take pictures of bases before I start doing everything on top. Sorry!
The gradient is subtle here but more apparent IRL. In any case, it was a coat of bondi nyc Blue Skies, then I dabbed on with a sponge Nails Inc Baker Street, Motives Tahiti Surf, and Quo by Orly Prepster.

Using MoYou London Sailor 08 and Konad White, Red and Gold Black I stamped on different coral images. I also used OPI Amazon...Amazoff for green seaweed, but it's not a stamping polish and didn't appear as opaque.
I used the leadlight technique to fill in the fish images with Nfu-Oh Jelly Syrup 20 (yellow), 25 (red) and 03 (gray).

It didn't turn out quite like I pictured in my head, but I'm still satisfied with my first MoYou experience (minus the missing scraper).


Nail Mail!


I've been on a no-buy for quite some time, times have been tight so I've been pretty well behaved.
However, sometimes one just needs to indulge a little. I was dying for the Pueen Encore Collection, and then I also found out MoYou offered free shipping - so I went on a spree!

Expect a lot of stamping in the next few weeks!


BIG THANKS from CANVAS lacquer


It's a little late, I know - but thank you so much to everyone that came out to support us last weekend at Big on Bloor. There were some challenges, but we got through it, and overall it was a great experience.

Here are some highlights:

Tuna, in prep mode:

We split a table with my super talented lil sis Tina. She also does our graphics.

...and a closer look at our display.

FYI - Our best seller was Cherry Blossoms in High Park.

See you next year!


Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Surreal Garden with Dragonflies


Today's look could have been two separate manis. I wasn't sure what I was doing exactly when I started, and even though I'm happy with both looks, they don't seem that cohesive.

I started off with a base of piCture pOlish Atomic. Some of you must be sick of hearing what I use as a base since it seems it always gets covered up anyway! I'm often intending for some of the qualities of the base polish to shine though, but it rarely turns out that way.

pre clean up and stamp
On my thumb, index and middle finger I used a combination of sponging and dry brush technique for this ethereal look. Polishes are Misa Lash Out, Motives Tahiti Surf, Misa Let's Go Green, and Elevation Polish Wuyi Mountain. On my ring and pinky, with the same techniques, I used Duri What a Keeper, Elevation Polish El Cap, Cirque Vaudeville and Cadillacquer Pinkman.

The grass is from Vivid Lacquer plate 14 and the dragonflies and stars are from plate 19. The flowers are from Konad plate m53. I love the surreal garden, and the whimsical dragonflies, but they don't necessarily work together do they? What do you think?

Bonus macro to show off some shimmer:

Sunday Saver Mani!


Ok, today is not Sunday - but it was when I did this mani, so whatever, right!?

This is a saver because I picked up these two Sally Hansen shades on sale, they are already pretty cheap, but when they're $2 each you can't say no!

The two shades are Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Coral Reef and Blue Me Away!
I used Konad White with Pueen plate 70 for the roses. Then I dusted off my dotters, which I don't use enough, and filled in the empty space with polka dots.

Blue Me Away! is almost a one-coater. It disappointed me a little bit that Coral Reef required 3 coats to look perfect, but it was $2 and a great shade so I'm not complaining. However, I did find both shades a hint 'stain-y' but nothing too bad.

Do you jump for sales??


Pretty Shimmering Pie Floral


After making a conscious decision to use more holos, I've now decided I need to give more of my shimmers some shine.

I used Elevation Polish Limestone as my base. In the macro below you can see hints of the gold flakes shine through the gradient. The 'pie' gradient is made up of Elevation Polish El Cap (bluish purple), Duri Showstopper (pink) and Misa Let's Go Green (green, duh).

shimmery 'pie' gradient pre-stamp

The flower image is from Bundle Monster 220 and I used OPI Eurso Euro and Live.Love.Carnival.

...and here's a bonus macro that our Instagram followers seemed to enjoy.


Tropical Top Man


Wow, time flies - sorry for my absence. Between birthdays, a camping trip and prepping for CANVAS lacquer's first street festival (check out the info here!), blogging had to take a bit of a back burner. However, I never stopped doing my nails, so here's the back log!

This look really reminds me of the prints I've seen on lots of men's clothing this year. The tropical trends from the 90's seem to be back full force and it was very evident when I went shopping with the bf at Top Man.

I started with 2 coats of Essie Mojito Madness on my thumb, middle and ring finger. I forgot how much I really like this shade of green! It's subtle, but to add sort of a weathered, vintage Hawaiian shirt vibe, I sponged on a bit of Essie Navigate Her.
On my index and pinky I used 2 coats of bondi nyc Chasing the Sun. It doesn't appear in photos well, but I also layered on CND Gold Shimmer for some sunny sparkle.

Using Vivid Lacquer plate 21 and OPI Eurso Euro I added the palm tree images. I love this plate!
Overall I really like this result. I think I nailed some current guy trends, an unexpected accomplishment!