Tuesday, 23 September 2014

NEW! Nuit Blanche All Nighter

Now available on our Etsy page!

This is a purple jelly packed with turquoise holographic microglitter, tiny white hexes, a sprinkling of charcoal holographic and large ocean blue hexes.


Stay tuned for more releases from our CANVAS the City Fall/Winter Collection, as well as a few seasonal duos!


31DC2014 Day 22 - Inspired by a Song

yup - I started skipping again. I was very, very busy this weekend doing ALL kinds of nail art things, but you'll have to wait to hear about that later...

My song inspiration is I'm A Survivor by Destiny's Child.
My bf DJ's and I guarantee he will play a handful of Beyonce/Destiny's Child songs at EVERY. GIG. How can I not love him for that?!?

I remember in the video they were on the beach in these sexy camo outfits, so I turned to our very own CANVAS lacquer G.I.Jane for my base (available now at our Etsy shop).
With a detail brush I freehanded the camo splotches using Misa Paint My Nails @Work, Maybelline Color Show Bold Gold and a few black accents in Essie Licorice.

I originally intended to stamp a camo print in gold from a Vivid Lacquer plate, but my friend had borrowed it so I improvised instead. I think a gold stamped camo would have turned out very different, more GLAMO (get it, glamorous camo!) but I still like my rustic rando version. And it does mean another camo mani is to come in the future!


31DC2014 Day 18 - Half Moons

ok, after that last fail I feel like this one has redeemed me...

Simple, yet oh-so-fancy! ooh la la!
I already did a half moon gradient on Day 10 so again I wanted to be a bit more innovative for this challenge. This 'waterfall mani' was coined by the Nailasaurus, but I did a mash up of that with the half moon.
I started with Zoya Dream, possibly one of my fave polishes EVA (and yes, I have every other version that Zoya has made, but I do wish the holographic particles were more visible in pics)! I used reinforcement stickers for the moons and then a detail brush for the lines.

I don't know what it is with me, but I am terrible with striping brushes! I started with that and they just looked like a hot mess, so I turned to a detail brush for better control. The lines are fatter, but straighter, and I like the fact that they taper. I used Konad Silver and OPI Love.Angel.Music.Baby.
The stickers prevented me from getting a crisp line so I redefined them after I was done with the detail brush. I love this look and want to experiment with more color combos!


31DC2014 Day 17 - Glitter

Ok - most of these challenges I feel like I stepped up and did a good job...

To be perfectly honest I'm not so happy with this one, but I was too lazy to redo.

If you can't tell, they're fireworks. I started with a black base of Essie Licorice. To create definitive streaks I used OPI Love.Angel.Music.Baby and Konad Silver. For the glitter element I used a combination of microglitter polishes.

Girly Bits Razzle Dazzle is raspberry microglitter, Cique Queen Majesty is purple and blue and Cirque Stella is full of rose gold. This second picture shows it with Essie Matte About You, y'know, just cuz.


31DC2014 Day 16 - Geometric

beep, boop, bleep!

When I think geometric I often think of modern, tech-y aesthetics so this prompt inspired me to do a circuit board theme.

I started with a base of Elevation Polish Carlit (Alpine Heights), the perfect shade of green for a circuit board. Using MoYou Sci-Fi 05 I stamped with Maybelline Color Show Bold Gold, an awesome stamping polish! So few things to list, but such an awesome impact these few ingredients have made!


31DC2014 Day 15 - Delicate Print

Yes I do know how to count, I was away from day 11 - day 14 for a wedding!

Trying this challenge is pretty hardcore, but I simply am not hardcore enough to do all the challenges beforehand to post while I was away - some people are that dedicated and for that I applaud you, but me? I just jump back on the bandwagon when I wanna!

Soft, sweet, girly - nothing like me at all! but otherwise I'm still very pleased with the look, it's just so not 'me'.
I started with OPI Don't Bossa Nova Me Around, then created a subtle gradient with Zoya Rue, Elevation Polish Colline du Charf and Zoya Brigitte.

The lacy, doilie-like print is from Pueen 28. I found this a bit tricky to stamp. At first I thought it might be the delicacy of the image, but the more I use my Konad White, the more I think it's the problem. I've just ordered Rica Whiteout and I'm hoping I have more luck with that. White is an essential stamping shade!!! To give this added vintage "dustiness" I added Essie Matte About You.


My Grade-est Hit! 31DC2014, Day 10 - Gradients

Oh god, nail puns! hahahaha

I just had to.

Today I present to you my greatest Instagram hit - my newly dubbed "crossover gradient".  I do gradients ALL the time, so for this prompt in the challenge I really wanted to go above and beyond.

crossover gradient
Yay! This look got almost 250 likes, and one of them was the Nailasaurus! I def fan-girl squee'd when I saw that!

I started with a base of Zoya Brigitte. On my thumb, index and pinky I used a reinforcement sticker for my half moons, and a french manicure guide for the upper half. I've done and seen many half moon gradients before, and when I've seen double gradients Simply Nailogical has dubbed them 'scaled gradients', but those typically use craft tape to create a, well, scaled look with interesting shapes cut into the tape. I'm not sure this is a scaled gradient since it adheres to the half moon look.
The deepest purple in the gradient is Misa Sorry Just Can't Help It, then Zoya Odette and Zoya Rue.

The same gradient was used on my middle and ring finger over a french guide. When that was dry I went over it in the opposite direction, being sure to use a shade that would allow the previous gradient to be visible. This took a very light hand. I used OPI Don't Bossa Nova Me Around and Zoya Rue. Then for the hell of it I threw on Cirque Iris on my index and pinky for some shimmer.

I can't wait to try this technique again with different shades!!! Please let me know if you try a crossover gradient for yourself!


Wednesday, 10 September 2014

31DC2014, Day 9 - Rainbow


Day 9 - Rainbow

If you haven't figured it out - I love colour! I didn't have a lot of time to go crazy and really think outside the box for this one, but I'm still pretty happy with how this turned out.

I thought I was being clever by using piCture pOlish Sparkle because it has a rainbow of micro glitter in it, but you can't tell in these photos! They look more like random specks. gah
So then I used the same Bundle Monster 021 image and stamped using Konad Red, Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Snappy Sorbet, Lightening, In the Groove, Brisk Blue and OPI Funky Dunky.

I used 2 shades per stamp, hoping the colors would bleed together more to create a bit more of a gradient effect, but it didn't come out that way. It could have been the nature of the Insta-Dri polishes, they're quite thick and dry quickly - great for stamping, not so great for stamping gradient.


31DC2014, Day 8 - Metallic


So I made it past the first week! We're now beyond simple color prompts and moving onto other ideas.

Day 8 - Metallic

Like so many others, I immediately turned to chrome polishes and foil.

My base is OPI Push & Shove. You're not supposed to use top coat, but for a tape mani you just gotta. I found the topcoat made the brushstrokes more obvious, but didn't diminish the reflective quality.
I used simple french guides to create the diagonal line. The 'foil' polishes are from Sally Hansen ColorFoil line (though the finish is often referred to as chrome). Index: Minted Metal, middle & ring: Purple Alloy, pinky: Colbalt Chrome.

On the thumb I tried to do a 'distressed metal' look with the dry brushstroke technique but there wasn't even contrast with the shades. On my accent nail I finally go around to trying nail foil for the first time. It was super easy and painless! Thanks discounted Ciate pack at Winners!


31DC2014, Day 7 - Black & White


Day 7 - Black & White

I feel like I really stretched my creative muscle on this one!

This is an ode to old film! I tried to create a vintage vignette look with a radial gradient. I'd say it was semi-successful - my collection is really lacking the perfect grey.
I started with a base of Sally Hansen White On, then used CoverGirl Silver Lining, Misa Paint My Nails @Work and Essie Licorice.

I gotta give props to VividLacquer 021 for making this mani possible! What an awesome image plate.


31DC2014, Day 6 - Violet


Day 6 - Violet

So I finally dipped into a holo AND a CANVAS lacquer for this challenge!

Girly and sweet - not like me at all! ha.
The base is OPI Don't Bossa Nova Me Around, and the gradient uses L'Oreal Royalty Reinvented and CANVAS lacquer Orchids. IRL you could see s a bit of the shimmer in Orchids on the tips and had a really pretty effect.

For the stamping I used Color Club Eternal Beauty and Pueen Encore 02A. Surprisingly there was still a beautiful linear effect on the nail.

Even though this is not my usual steez, I still really liked this.


31DC2014, Day 5 - Blue


Day 5 - Blue

So far one of my most popular Instagram posts ever! I loved how this turned out and was so sorry to have to take it off!

Whoo! This was NOT a lazy interpretation, but it didn't take hours either. The base is Cirque Tibetan Nights, a fave blue, but damn does it stain! The clouds were freehanded using a combination of bondi blue skies, Misa Blue Over a Boy, bondi nyc NYPD and a bit of Sally Hansen White On for highlights and stars.

The moon I stamped since I didn't trust myself to freehand a circle! I used Konad Silver and VividLacquer 017.

Sometimes I impress myself.


31DC2014, Day 4 - Green


Day 4 - Green

Ok, so I copped out a bit with the yellow, so I wanted to go a totally different direction for Green.

Ha! You thought I was gonna present you with something crazy and intricate done freehand didn'tcha? Nope. I went even LAZIER than yellow with this mani, but it got a fantastic response on Instagram regardless. The base is 3 coats of a FRANKEN I made, so therefore it is a one of a kind bottle. The foil is topper is Wingdust Collection Gilty Pleasures.

Even though this was super simple I adore how decadent this looks.
Also, but this point I was all like 'eff the other hand'. Makes my life so much easier.


31DC2014, Day 3 - Yellow


Ok, full disclosure. Part of the inspiration for this mani was just a total and complete cop out.
I know it was only day 3, but I felt like my skin was already getting burned out from all the acetone.
Til now I was painting both hands. For this, I decided my Orange Citrus mani went over so well, I would do a Lemon Yellow mani and not have to repaint my right hand as it would still be a cohesive look.

WHOOOAAAAA! I don't really know what I was thinking when I was editing this photo, the details are way too blown out to really see. What also fails in this mani is the white base. My orange mani really worked because the base wasn't white, so when you stamp with white there's more contrast (duh).
The white base is Sally Hansen (Xtreme Wear) White On, and then Sally Hansen (Insta-Dri) Lightening. My index and pinky are also featuring one of my favorite glitter toppers, Elevation Polish Huangshan. The images are from MoYou Tropical 08 and Bundle Monster 308.

Silly me. I should have edited this shade shot instead. buh.


Tuesday, 9 September 2014

31DC2014, Day 2 - Orange


Day 2 - Orange is ... Orange.

Gah! I was kinda like, uh, I suck, not really thinking outside the box with these challenges; roses are red, oranges are orange - but hey! I ended up loving my citrus mani and I got a lot of positive feedback, so WHATEVA.

AHHH, what a shame I didn't create this mani when we were in the height of summer, but Toronto experienced an usual late heatwave so I was really feelin' these!
The base is bondi nyc Central Park Blossom which is a super pale peachy shade, but in this mani almost gives the illusion of white (you'll see why this is important in my next mani: yellow). In the gradient I used bondi nyc Chasing the Sun and Cult Nails Ay Poppy!

I used MoYou Tropical 08, Bundle Monster 308 and Konad m55 in combination with white polish for all the images.
I actually managed to get my right hand to look pretty awesome too, which is so rare so that definitely gave this mani some bonus points.


31 Day Nail Art Challenge, Day 1 - Red


So here we go. I don't know where and when this challenge started, but I've been vaguely aware of it through the nail blogosphere for about a year. I don't know why I decided to start. I guess because I noticed it on day one and realized I wasn't behind yet!

I will be out of town for a few days to attend a wedding this month, so I already know I won't have the time to complete all the challenges - but I figure I can at least give it a go while I'm in the country.

Day 1 - Roses are Red

A classic interpretation (and hey, this was started on a whim).

I was hoping the contrast in textures would be more obvious, but nothing wrong with a little subtlety from time to time (I guess, ha).
I used a base of bondi nyc Horny Mistress (still lovin' that name!), with a-England Rose Bower on my pinky. I stamped the roses from Pueen Encore 03A and carefully filled them in with Rose Bower. I was quite pleased that I didn't have to reverse stamp these roses to get that same effect!

I don't wear red nails very often, but I really did enjoy the classic 'femme fatale' look.

Anyway, wish me luck as I try my best to keep up with all the amazingly talented participants in this years 31 Day Nail Art Challenge (which will referred to as #31dc2014 henceforth).


She's CRAFTY - plus starting the 31 Day Nail Challenge


I know I sound like a broken record, but I've been so busy it's been hard to keep up with posting on the blog. But get ready for a landslide of posts because I've decided to try my hand at the 31 Day Nail Challenge!

Before we get into that, here's a look I did with MoYou Fashionista 01.

The purple is OPI Funky Dunky and the red is bondi nyc Strawberry Fields. I'm sooo in love with those scissors! My bestie (and CANVAS lacquer business partner) gifted me a necklace years ago with a scissor pendant that I absolutely adored. I was so heartbroken when it broke!

These buttons are super cute but I found very difficult to stamp. I had to use a very light hand (and several attempts) to get the image not to flood and smoosh all over the place when I was picking it up from the plate. The more and more I use the rectangular squishy stamper, the more I think I was simply meant to use the harder Konad style - I have a heavy hand I guess! I'm too often warping the images with the softer stamper. Lesson learned!