Sunday, 23 March 2014

Monet on my nails, Nails of the Day

Hey hey!

After my sister mentioned that one of my galaxy manis reminded her of Van Gogh (quite the compliment!), I decided to pay homage to another artist.

Monet's Waterlilies series has always been a favorite of mine - I hope I haven't done it too much injustice!

My thumb turned out the best. I think it's due to composition. Since my thumb is the largest 'canvas' (see what I did there?), the scale of which I made the pads and lilies really works. I kept the same size on my other nails, but I should have made them a wee bit smaller. Live and learn!

I need to work on my freehand art, but part of the problem is definitely not having a lot of practice with nail art brushes. Lots of bloggers say they cut their brushes down to size. I've done so, but not sure I did it right.

Monet on my nails
Overall, I'm still pleased with this. Not having a lot of practice, I think I took on a pretty lofty challenge and did OK! It helps that impressionism doesn't require a great deal of precision.

I finished this mani with a coat of Cult Nails Wax That, since I figured an old painting shouldn't look too glossy.

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