Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Introducing 10/10 Nail Design!


A little something different today...
My nail art is now for sale! 10/10 Nail Design is my new start up that will be selling sets of hand painted acrylic nails. I will be offering a huge variety of looks, shapes and lengths... eventually!
The shop is live but still under constant construction - you can check out my first few offerings at

This is also now the identity I will use as a nail artist. Yes, you can hire me to get yo nails did!!!
Contact me at

There will definitely be plenty of CANVAS lacquer collabs, but I'll be using lots of different polishes, both and indie and major, and using lots of different nail art techniques and accessories.

Both CANVAS lacquer and 10/10 Nail Design will be at the Annex Flea, October 6th at the Centre for Social Innovation on Bathurst. Our collaborative collection with Keepsake Jewellery will be featured at our tables - such perfect gift ideas!  Further details to come soon!

Here's a galaxy set that's available for sale now:

If you follow CANVAS on Instagram for the nail art, please follow me @1010naildesign to keep seeing all the art details!

Thanks for everyone's support!!!


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