Monday, 28 April 2014

Holy Holo! Nails of the Day

I wanted to something a bit “simpler” today, but it didn’t turn out quite as simple as I had hoped.
Most people use a sponging technique when creating gradients. Unfortunately, sponging typically eliminates the linear ‘flame’ in holographic polishes, so I simply used careful application using the bottle brushes to get this look.

diffused lamp light
My thumb to middle finger required a lot of fussing.  I had to apply a lot of different shades to get a good gradient. My ring and pinky finger were totally easy and turned out exactly as I pictured in my head!

direct sunlight
Lacquers used from thumb to pinky: Colors by Llarowe Black Gold, Texas Tea, Color Club Beyond, Layla Coffee Love, Color Club Eternal Beauty, Layla Ultra Violet, Cirque Bejeweled, Glitter Gal Bondi Blue, Liquid Sky Lacquer Swerve, Layla Emerald Divine, Color Club Kismet. I had originally tried using Femme Fatale Ink of the Sea as a purple to blue transition, but it really didn’t work.

 ...and a bonus pic.


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