Wednesday, 9 April 2014

So Shifty, Nails of the Day


Apologies for the short absence, I had long work days to contend with last week - PLUS sending out CANVAS lacquer orders!

In my last NOTD post, my vertical gradient had a faux-mulitchrome effect, and since so many brands have been releasing these lacquers lately, I decided to do a full mani with these trendy finishes.

2 coats of multichrome lacquers over black
The earliest iteration of these polishes were pretty sheer (ie Ozotic's 500 series, now discontinued), but the latest releases have pretty good opacity on their own in a couple coats.. However, that being said, a lot of bloggers agree that the shifty multichrome effect is more apparent over black. Therefore I'm showing these polishes at 2 coats over plain black (Essie Licorice).

Index: I Love Nail Polish Birefringence, Middle: I Love Nail Polish Mutagen, Ring: piCture pOlish Aurora, Pinky: I Love Nail Polish Cygnus Loop

In person, Mutagen has a subtle rose-gold highlight that is present in most light, but is apparently very camera shy.

Follow us on Instragram (canvaslacquer) to see a quick little video of these colour changes in action!

shifty multichrome mani
Look at all those colour shifts! As you can see, the effect on my index and ring fingers are very similar, but pp Aurora has added glitter...
Which brings us to a point a lot of people have been making - how unique are these releases? It is very likely that the pigments being sourced are all the same, making the combinations available finite, so it's been up to each brand to find a way to make their version unique.

My personal collection also includes multichrome lacquer from Hits MariMoon, Enchanted Polish and KBShimmer. Between all these I think I'm totally covered and won't be needing anymore, I'm pretty sure I now have all the colour combos possible and would be buying dupes or near dupes if I kept collecting (as it stands I think I currently do have a few dupes already).

Just for the hell of it, I stamped on a few different images from several PUEEN plates. My silver stamping polish of choice is Nicole by OPI Positive Energy. I have a silver Konad Special Polish, but it's not a great as the NOPI! The Konad transfers fine, but the NOPI actually has way better opacity.


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