Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Pychedelic Stamping with Pueen Encore


Previously on last week's episode of CANVAS lacquer (here).

So here's the look post-stamp.

This was my first go around with the new Pueen Encore plates I recently bought. These images are from plate 01B. I am LOVING this collection. At first I was having a bit of trouble with my new squishy stamper, but I think it needed some priming. So after gently buffing it a bit I tried again and had better luck. They're not perfectly centered, but for this look I don't mind they're a little off, it adds to the psychedelic look. The thumb image reminds me of a mandala.

I think the pairing of the circle gradient and the radial nature of these images really work well together, I am so happy with the way this turned out!

As a stand alone this nail reminds me of classic comic book style for some reason. Am I crazy?


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