Monday, 11 August 2014

This one almost got away...


Sometimes life just starts racing around you and you almost forget to post a mani!

This is a little quickie I did using holographics and playing with the Pueen Encore plates.

I started with Darling Diva Killer Queen on my thumb, middle and ring finger. Index and pinky are Darling Diva We Will Rock You. They're both really pretty shifty holos.
I got curious and wanted to see how the holo flame would play if I added more holo to the tips. Hands down, the strongest linear holos in my collection are the Layla's. On the thumb, middle and ring I added Ultra Violet to the tips, and Emerald Divine to my index and pinky. The effect is subtle but I like it.

I stamped with images from Pueen plate 02A and nOPI Positive Energy. This was also another chance for me to play with my new squishy stamper, and I gotta say I don't know if I'm head over heels. I love how much the images wrap around the nail and get into my cuticles and cover my tips, but I'm still struggling to get image pick ups as clean and crisp and whole as my harder Konad stamper. Do I need even more priming? I'm afraid to go too far!


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