Friday, 7 November 2014

Sneak Peek - The Good Silver (and winter is coming!)


So many exciting things brewing at the CANVAS lacquer labs!

We'll be releasing a Vintages Collection made up of 3 shades that we will also be using in collaboration with Keepsake Jewellery!

The Good Silver by CANVAS lacquer

I just die! All the fashion blogs are calling grey the IT shade this season so naturally y'all NEED this perfect neutral. Our version is smokey and shimmery, cool yet cozy.
I'm wearing three thin coats, if you have shorter nails you may only need two. I'm wearing top coat on my RING FINGER ONLY so you can see it already has a lovely finish on its own, but like any other polish, you'll want to top coat to if you're trying to maximize wear time.

And since this is such a perfectly wintry shade, here's a bonus shot of The Good Silver as the base for one coat of Winter of '99.

It catches the light so beautifully! This is the only type of snow storm I can enjoy!


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