Monday, 26 May 2014

Ferry to the Island, Nails of the Day


Today I am showing you another CANVAS lacquer creation from our summer collection.

FERRY TO THE ISLAND is a milky blue base with fine white and blue glitters, ocean green hexes, baby blue dots, fine green holographic sparks, and a subtle minty shimmer.

We're so lucky in Toronto to be living in an urban landscape that also has a gorgeous waterfront and a quick day escape to a number of small islands for picnics and play.

Ferry to the Island by CANVAS lacquer
Even though there are a few 'larger' glitters in this, they are subtle because they're not too far off the base colour - it really is like seeing things floating through the water. The minty shimmer adds another dimension to the water effect.

Rolling with the water theme, I added these wave images with Vivid Lacquer plate 23 and Konad white.

Direct light and a good top coat really bring the minty shimmer to life in this one. IRL I think this shade leans a hint more green.
This is available at our Etsy store now!


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